“The enormous lengths to which farmer Isaac John Sansome goes as he strives to make some kind of living, throughout every week of every month illustrated in this diary, demonstrates that profit alone cannot account for the existence and structure of farm family life……. the most striking aspect of the Diary is its emphasis on the ‘informal economy’; one based upon social and cultural capital, well-oiled by the availability of beer and cider!.... it should appeal to everyone, from the casual reader to scholars of social history.”

Professor of Rural Geography, University of Worcester

Foreword: Nick Evans

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With illustrations by John Coleman

Proceeds from this book are supporting the work of The Farming Community Network, a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times.

All copies have been sold. Please email sansomes@hawford.farm if you would like to enquire about a reprint. Many thanks.

A fascinating insight into a year in the life of Isaac John Sansome, a Victorian farmer from Claines, Worcestershire, England. The diary has been carefully transcribed from the original and meticulously researched by his great grandson, Geoff Sansome, for the names, places and events mentioned. Isaac John was a tenant farmer, whose wife had just died and in 1883  was supporting his two young daughters. Farming on the outskirts of Worcester, he traded with the farmers, gentry and tradesman around and in Worcester and kept a careful record of his accounts within his diary. His daily routine, acquaintances, social life and general seasonal ups and downs are detailed. The book contains a range of local period photographs and a set of watercolour illustrations of farm animals by the Claines artist, the late John Coleman.

Supporting the Farming Community Network

Isaac John Sansome